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Sunny Coast Bike Project

Want to know what's going on in our Sunshine Coast Warehouse?

Let us introduce you to the IDSS Bike Project.

IDSS mentor, Mark, works on Bike restoration with our participant and Bike Project employee, Dan. It’s a great way for him to get involved in handy work, it helps him understand the beauty of upcycling AND it teaches him that patience is an important trait to have, in many tasks throughout life.

Mark and the crew find second-hand bikes that need some love. They spend their days in the warehouse, fixing them up... Once they've completed a bike and made sure they're ready for a new owner, they make these available to buy, for you - our community.

All proceeds raised go straight back into the Bike Project, enabling them to purchase parts and pay their star employee, Dan.

An IDSS initiative that makes a difference, for the whole community.

If you'd like to purchase one of our bikes, please get in contact on 1300 4377 669.



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