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Locally-sourced, gourmet produce. 

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From breakfast and brunch favourites to gourmet meats & cheeses, The Deli has something for everyone. We use gourmet local produce to bring you unique flavours from sought out suppliers from around the country.


What makes us different? In 2019, The Deli was brought to life to not only serve the people of Bundaberg amazing, high-quality food, but to create more open employment opportunities to those living with a disability. 

Our staff are diverse but they are highly-trained hospitality workers. They learn and adapt the same procedures of any other professional in the industry. They're taken through industry standard health and hygiene procedures, but most of all, they're so grateful for their job. And we're grateful to have them. 

We vow to always serve up goodness. Our food is locally-sourced, cooked-with-care and always served with a warm smile.

We hope to see you soon, at The Deli Bundaberg. 

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"Thank you so much to the Deli for opening on a Tuesday night just to accommodate our cricket boys and their families for a team dinner. The food was delicious, with beautiful local produce and a great atmosphere. These are the memories the boys will treasure forever."


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