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About Us
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   About us   

Welcome to Integrated Disability Support Services! Your local registered NDIS provider.

We're a registered NDIS provider, specialising in a wide range of supports for people living with a disability, including Community Access Services (CAS) in both Individual Group Environments, Supported Independent Living (SIL) and Respite Care.

With Hubs (HQ) located in Bundaberg, Childers and the Sunshine Coast, we aim to provide support to individuals in and around these communities, to enable them to live their best life.

Our person-centred approach to disability support comes from experience. We've seen first-hand what it's like to need help that isn't available, so we decided to create it ourselves.


We take personalisation to the next level. Participants needs are prioritised and from that, the ideal mentor is chosen. We look into professional ability as well as interests and goals, because we know that having the RIGHT person supporting you is essential to growth.


We're always searching for new ways to provide opportunities, like with our IDSS HQE enterprises, where we have created businesses that offer open employment to those living with disabilities, for all types of skills sets.


We find ways to change and adapt depending on our community, finding new ways to support individuals when they need it. We're dedicated to giving them a chance to live their best lives. We're making THE difference.

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Want to help make the difference?

Our Mission

To reduce the stigma attached to those living with disabilities by listening to the community, responding to individual needs and empowering success. 

Our Vision

To close the gap and embrace the most vulnerable members of our community through building independence, empowering resilience and strengthening community linkages.

Our Values

Our values support our organisation’s mission, vision, and shape our culture.

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