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We’re the Winky Wonky Dog Wash, a mobile hydrobath & dog grooming service on the Sunshine Coast.

What makes us a little different? Our head-dog-washer David is not only a 5-star groomer, but is also an experienced professional in supporting people with physical, intellectual and psychological disabilities.

So, we’ve employed people living with a disability, who are treated as any other member of the workforce, being paid awards wages and enduring the same training as any other.

These staff assist us in manufacturing our own Dog Shampoo and Conditioner Formulas, labelling them in our very own warehouse by-hand – which is why some of them may be a little ‘Winky-Wonky’, but we promise they’re made with an extra amount of love.

Our team also join head-dog-washer David, in pampering your pooches with a massive smile on their face. By booking your dog in for a grooming with our team, your dog will not only get the highest quality groom, but you are also empowering our employees to recognize their ability and see the value they have to offer.

We hope to see you and your furry friends soon. From the Winky Wonky Team