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IDSS HQE Enterprises

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"I like working at The Deli because I get to serve customers and hand out things and there is nice staff."

Leticia - Customer Service

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"I love working at The Winky Wonky Wash because the dogs are so cute and I love them."

Hannah - Dog Groomer

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"I like working at The Deli because I am learning new skills, working with food, leaning how to cook and I have been given a chance to grow."

Adam - Kitchen Hand

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"I like working at The Deli because, I get to help those with a disability strive in a workforce that is accepting no matter who you are."

Kim - Customer Service

IDSS HQ Enterprises is on a mission to create develop and promote sustainable, meaningful open employment opportunities for people living with a disability. The foundational concept of IDSS HQ Enterprises is to offer a workplace that promotes diversity, social inclusion, and a sense of community for the wider community. Our goal is to empower our employees to recognise their ability and the value they have to offer, we do this by carefully selecting our mentoring staff, recognising the need to have professional skills balanced by life skills. These mentors are dedicated and passionate about developing the skill sets of an individual to ensure they are able to perform the duties of their job. The IDSS HQ Enterprise employees have found purpose and a sense of value by being part of an organisation providing quality services and making a difference to their community. 

IDSS HQ Enterprises (HQE) has three microbusiness initiatives working towards achieving our goal, the first initiative was launched in July 2019, The Deli. The Deli offers a holistic experience for people wanting to work in the hospitality industry from the front of house duties of customer service, coffee making, money management, and working with the team to manage the social media marketing to the back of house duties of meal preparation, stock check and menu design the deli offers it all. 

The second initiative we developed was Winky Wonky Wash Co. the team set out to develop and produce an all-natural dog shampoo tested on humans. This initiative offered an alternative to the hospitality experience and ensured we were able to service all regions of the IDSS footprint. The Winky Wonky Wash Co. team succeeded, they not only developed one shampoo blend but four! Since commencing in September 2020 the Winky Wonky Wash Co. now produces four dog shampoo blends, four dog deodorant blends, and have started making dog treats, all-natural no nasties. The Winky Wonky Wash Co also offers dog washing services across the sunshine coast region. The entire process of manufacturing, bottling, labeling, and packaging of Winky Wonky Wash Co. products is done by hand, with no major machinery insight. So if your WWW Co. label is a little wonky, that's ok. 

The third initiative of HQE and the newest label is Printing With A Difference, we saw an opportunity for our creative-minded employees to do what they love and help local businesses get recognised in their communities. While we love supporting local businesses with promotional products, we also love sublimating things. Our team has sublimated everything from doormats to water bottles and jewellery to jigsaws. Printing With A Difference is here to be your local go-to for promotional products, souvenirs, celebration mementos, and all things custom-made. We do not have a minimum order or spend. We look forward to working with you to bring your ideas to life.

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