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IDSS HQ Enterprises

An initiative that creates sustainable, meaningful, open employment opportunities for people living with disabilities. 


The foundational concept of IDSS HQ Enterprises is to offer workplaces that promote diversity, social inclusion, and a sense of community for people with disabilities.


Our goal is to empower you to recognise your ability and the value you have to offer. We do this by carefully selecting our mentoring staff to assist in training you. 


These mentors are dedicated and passionate about developing your skill sets of so you're able to perform the duties of the job and feel comfortable doing so.


Our current IDSS HQ Enterprise employees have found purpose and a sense of value by being part of an organisation providing quality services and making a difference to their community. 

IDSS HQ Enterprises (HQE) currently has three microbusiness initiatives working towards achieving our goal. All businesses offer different types of employment: hospitality, creative industries and a dog washing service. 


Find out more about them here: 

The Deli Logo
Printing With A Difference Logo
Winky Wonky Logo

What our IDSS HQE employees are saying 

"I like working at The Deli because I am learning new skills, working with food, leaning how to cook and I have been given a chance to grow."

Adam - Kitchen Hand
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