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Participant Christmas Celebration

As the end of the year approaches and Christmas gets closer and closer, we take the time to get together and celebrate the year that was with our wonderful IDSS Family. Today we hosted our IDSS Participant Party, as a way for everyone to enjoy themselves with a bit of a pre-Christmas celebration.

Our Sunshine Coast crew gathered at their Hub, with Christmas decorations, music and outfits. They joined tables together to enjoy a beautiful Christmas Lunch prepared Fairies & Mentors. Then they had a surprise visit from Santa and even got given a gift!

Our Bundaberg crew beat the heat by heading to the Norville Pool. They enjoyed platters, sandwiches, cake and cold drinks. They spent their time dipping in and out of the pool together - the perfect way to spend a hot sunny day.

Our Childers crew also set up in their Hub, where they enjoyed a Subway Sandwich platter, cheese platters and delicious cupcakes. They shared bon bons, played Jenga and had lots of fun.

It's so heart-warming to see all the smiles on participants faces at events like these. It really reminds us of how lucky we are to be able to give them somewhere to gather, with people who feel like family.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the planning and set up of all events, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Merry Christmas everyone. The celebration is only just beginning!



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