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IDSS History

Today at IDSS we’re #reflecting on how far we’ve come in just 4 years – get ready for a long-winded post!

What started as an idea and passion to create a support service different to all others has turned into a community where we get to help make a real difference in people’s lives.

Flash back to February 2017, where an unfortunate event meant Kahli losing her vision, she came to realise she was unable to continue her journey in life the way she had planned and needed to come up with a “Plan B”. After doing extensive research and identifying a few gaps in the disability sector, they decided as a family that they would take it upon themselves to create a support service with a #difference.

With Michelle’s experience in the disability field and Kahli’s in nursing and mental health, they decided to build a holistic one-stop-shop for all physical, intellectual and psychosocial disability supports. After a lot of brainstorming and help from friends and family, they made the decision to create a Not-For-Profit, benevolent organisation, after all - the goal for this dream wasn’t for financial gain but rather to give back to the community and really make THE difference in people’s lives.

In September of 2017 they opened their first IDSS Community Hub in Bundaberg. Just a few months later, without anticipating the high demand for their specialised service delivery model, they expanded into Childers and opened another Hub in February 2018.

During their first few years, they saw a huge gap in obtaining sustainable employment for people living with a disability and decided to create their own opportunity which would also feed the Bundaberg community. In July 2019 HQ Enterprises, our Social Enterprise business hub began with the opening of The Deli. Which was, at the time, the only deli in Bundaberg to serve the region with gourmet products from all around Australia and abroad while providing people with a disability a range of opportunities to work in an open employment situation.

In November 2019 they were presented with an opportunity to take the IDSS concept further afield, opening the Sunshine Coast IDSS Hub along with the Winky Wonky Dog Wash. A mobile dog wash and grooming van and along with developing their very own organic, tested on humans, eco-friendly, dog shampoo range.

2020 presented another opportunity to create employment options for people in the Childers region and Printing With A Difference was born. A sublimation printing business which allows the world to create and inspire via an online ordering platform with all products being created with love by the team in little old Childers.

Fast-forward to now and after a very busy first few years, IDSS has a reach of 452 participants, employs 22 people with a disability in a range of roles across our HQE businesses and have provided $469,000.00 of benevolent support to our local communities.

How has this all been possible in such a short amount of time? Our #people and their #passion.

From Bundy to Childers, right down to the Sunshine Coast, when we all work together, bounce off each other’s ideas and combine our passion, we are unstoppable.

Together we make THE difference. THE difference to the lives of the people we work with who have trusted us to be a part of their life and THE difference to our own lives by working with a collection of truly inspirational individuals who have a passion for being THE difference in someone else’s life.




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