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Dating with a Disability

Rhiannon, our Bundaberg participant, turned heads when she walked into our Speed Dating evening! Here's a snapshot of Joanna, her mentor, doing her makeup to match perfectly with her gorgeous red dress and matching nails.

Approximately 4.4 million people in Australia classify as having a disability, it's time we made dating and romance more accessible for them. I think we can all agree that dating and finding love can be stressful, which may even be heightened when living with a disability.

It's up to each community to try and provide more opportunities and access for these individuals, which is why we host our IDSS Speed Dating Evening. It gives our participants, and anyone else living with a disability, the opportunity to get to know others in a safe space, where they feel comfortable, confident and encouraged.

We're not expecting to find every single person their soulmate, but rather give them a chance to meet and have fun with other like-minded individuals.

We're so stoked with the outcome of our events; a few mobile numbers were exchanged, new friendships were formed and one our very own IDSS participants hit it off with another speed-dater and are now officially an item!

Australia, it's time to be more inclusive, it's time to normalise this, and we hope this is a start.



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