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Jesse's Journey: From Footy Player to the Mayor of IDSS

After being assaulted at 16, our Bundaberg Participant Jesse Hardy was left with a brain injury that would change his life completely.

Prior to this, Jesse had a promising career ahead of him, as a rugby league football player with the Wynnum Manley Sea Gulls in Brisbane.

Following the incident, he spent 6 months at the hospital in a rehab program where he had to learn how to walk and talk again.

Once he was capable enough to manage these things, he found himself in the unfamiliar world of disability support. He never really felt understood. He felt as though the care provider he was with at the time, never had his best interests at heart.

But that was all set to change when he heard of a new NDIS program in town. Word on the street was, Michelle, (our wonderful CEO Fairy) was starting her own support organisation: Integrated Disability Support Services. He'd learnt about her values and beliefs as he had worked with her previously, and was suddenly excited about what this would all mean.

Not long after, he made the jump and was one of the very first participants that joined IDSS. He told the team about his goals and where he'd like to be with life and they got to work.

Jesse is now an integral part of IDSS (commonly referred to as the Mayor of IDSS). He has great relationships with his mentors and has shown growth like no other. He loves the social aspect of the Hub, has met loads of friends and never fails to make everyone laugh.

Last year Jesse was appointed Club Manager for the Waves Falcons Rugby Union team, and this year is volunteering with the junior Rugby League in Bundaberg. He loves to see the kids achieve their goals. He encourages them to try their hardest, but most of all, enjoy the game.

He's currently working on building his independence to live on his own and we can't wait to see what's next. Jesses outlook on life and the ability to overcome any challenge that comes his way is inspirational.

We're so lucky to have had the pleasure of helping him on his journey. 🙌



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