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Crazy Hair Day

IDSS does Crazy Hair Day and wow did some of our crew go crazy!

We had rainbow coloured wigs, pink mohawks, blue spikes, Rapunzel plaits, wacky piggy tales, curly ribbons and soo much more.

Crazy Hair Day was another one of our special IDSS Monthly Events.

Separate to the Group Activities we have running each week, all three of our Hub locations get together and decide on a universal theme.

We make sure they're fun, social and worth coming in for. As well as a theme, we put on a lunch, whether it's a BBQ or special catering, our participants leave with a full tummy every time.

We have games and activities for everyone to get involved in, and of course have prizes for best dressed.

It's a great way for our participants, mentors and fairies to catch up in one place. Our 3 locations Childers, Bundaberg and Sunshine Coast have a variety of participants, with a bit of a different demographic at each. This often means slightly altered activities for each Hub, but we make sure one theme sticks across the whole board: FUN!

We've got some pretty great events coming up in 2023 like Australia Day, Masquerade, Mad Hatter Teas and SO much more. Keep your eyes peeled over at our Calendars to stay updated.



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