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Bye bye Brilee

At IDSS, we're not just a disability support service, we're a family and community dedicated to ensuring the success and achievement of each individuals goals. We fully support our team in their adventure on life, even if that may mean it won't always be with us.

If you have visited our HQ on Bourbong Street, you have more than likely been greeted by Brilee with a bubbly ‘hello’.

If you haven’t, then sadly time is running out, today Brilee achieved her goal of completing her Bachelor Degree in Primary Education, graduating as the class of 2021 from University of Central Queensland.

Brilee's dream of becoming a primary school teacher will come true in 2022 as she starts her bright new career as a year 6 teacher at MacKillop Catholic Primary School in Mackay.

We wish her the very best on her next adventure and we are ever-grateful of everything she's done.



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