Integrated Disability Support Service’s aim is to increase the opportunity for each person to participate more fully within our community. Our disability support services programs are responsive, and person centred with a focus on developing programs which encourage client involvement and promote an individual’s abilities and strengths. IDSS is committed to ensuring that individuals with a disability and/or mental health issue receive services that are designed and delivered around their individual circumstances, needs, potential valued roles and aspirations.  We are committed to working respectfully with individuals and to support them to live their lives to the full and hold valued roles and relationships in the social, civic and economic aspects of life.

Our team is made up of a Registered Mental Health Nurse, Social Worker, Human Services Coordinator and our Lifestyle Mentors hold a minimum of a Cert III in Disability or Independent support and/or Cert IV in Mental Health.

Working with people with disabilities, their families and informal support networks IDSS has adopted a more person-centred and self-directed approach, providing supports which are reflective of individual strengths, needs, goals and aspirations.


Our emphasis is on inclusion, through supporting skills development and enabling greater participation in the local community.

Some of the community resources that may be accessed by your client may include:

  • Skills development to enhance independent living skills;
  • Creation of opportunities for leisure and recreational activities within the community;
  • Assistance and support for with exercise, healthy eating, and lifestyle management.

Skill development activities may include support in budgeting and financial management, use of public transport and general mobility, daily living skills like washing and dressing, building self-esteem and assertiveness, home and community safety, use of assistive technologies where applicable, and support to build and maintain appropriate and healthy social relationships.

Community participation and inclusion builds relationships and connections, social participation, and lifestyle. Supports are focused on community participation and inclusion aiming to strengthen community capacity to allow you client to actively participate in community life. The emphasis is also on creating opportunities to build independence and life skills, and to pursue meaningful life goals.

IDSS offer access to a diverse range of structured and informal leisure and recreational activities for our participants to choose to be involved in, dependent on their interests and goals.