"Our mission is to bring mouth watering food and drink to anyone who enters the door, to develop a workplace that promotes and environment that empowers its employees to grow, while also enhancing diversity, social inclusion and a sense of purpose." 

The words of The Deli manager Bryan Dominic Nijenhuis continue to ring true and is what has made The Deli a popular addition to the Bundaberg CBD. 

Designed in conjunction with Integrated Disability Support Services, the purpose of The Deli has been to create sustainable employment for people in the community with a disability while simultaneously providing Bundaberg with an amazing selection of cheeses and small goods. 

The Deli also has staff in place who are dedicated to help those with a disability perform those tasks to the best of their abilities, gain an understanding of what is needed of them and develop the skills taught to them in a safe and practical environment. 

Bryan said The Deli has gained enormous support from the community and has developed a jovial atmosphere within the store. 

"Both the staff and customers have made comment on the comfort and excitement The Deli brings; some staff going as far as to say that working at The Deli is their favourite time of the week," he said. 

"What myself and fellow managers Hayley Anderson and Ashton Matthews are providing at The Deli ties in perfectly with IDSS and its daily aims by giving people with a disability the opportunity to find their passion and purpose, to have an impact on the community, and make a real change through the experience they provide to each and every customer that comes through our doors. 

"We have had a great response to our platters, be it a fully customised platter with strict guidelines or platters made to our own discretion. 

"Of course, our very own cob loaf, sandwiches, pizzas or specials have also had a great reception. 

"We couldn't be happier with the great response and feedback The Deli has had from the community." 

Part of the appeal of The Deli also continues to be the overall design which embraces a natural look while still being clean, modern and serviceable to staff and any customers in wheelchairs. 

Owner Michelle McPhee has been greatly involved in the design of the interior, providing her own feminine touch while the kitchen has been left partially visible so the customers can see staff at work and gain a better understanding of what The Deli is trying to achieve. 

-excerpt from Angela Norval, December 3rd 2019.