Tarron George is a man of many talents. 

He is a basketball player, an excellent cook and loves being front and centre in a photoshoot. 

When Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food came to Bundaberg food lover Tarron enrolled himself in the five week course. 

Nutritionist and kitchen manager Bridget Horsey said she has loved watching Tarron's progression in the kitchen and positive attitude light up the room each week. 

"I've been here every week with Tarron and the experience is usually very daunting for a lot of participants, but Tarron has quite a nice, confident vibe to him," she said. 

When we were learning about cross chopping, I went over to Tarron and he pretty much got it right at the beginning, so we all started calling him the cross-chopping king.

Tarron is such a beautiful person and I think sometimes there is a misconception about people with possibilities, but Tarron is proof he is capable, he is independent and he does have very impressive cooking skills." 

The course has strengthened his food abilities and Tarron has made a lot of new friends through the program. 

The cross-chopping king says that while he has a few favourites, he isn't biased when it comes to food. 

"I enjoy all food but especially lasagne, curries and pies," Tarron said. 

"I like cooking at home with my mum and I love my job at The Deli." 

Tarron's support worker John Hellmuth has also loved witnessing Tarron thrive in the kitchen. 

"Tarron is very independent, he has so many skills and has always been really good with food  - you show him something once and he's happy to do that all day long," Mr Hellmuth said. 

"The Deli is really giving people with disabilities a chance to break out, have a job and not be secluded." 

While Mr Hellmuth has not been luck enough to taste Tarron's cooking yet, he has confirmed that Tarron's coffee and milkshake skills are sublime. 

Tarron was given a Jamie Oliver apron after he mastered food prep. 

-excerpt from Rhylea Miller, August 5 2019.