Job title: Office Olga, fairy, gremlin or big red headed thing that sites in the corner and grunts and groans not really fussed.

Your role at IDSS: I look after School Leavers Employment Services (SLES), high care declining health clients and like to dabble in the occasional support shift from time to time.  

Professional background: Multiple years of support work in high care and declining health environments, also challenging behaviours, seclusion and isolation, positive behaviour support planning and restricted practice environments. Prior to this I worked in the employment and training sector and project management. A large part of my working career was spent in environment management and community engagement in the environmental science field and tourism in the Northern Territory.

Fun quirky fact: I love going on cruises and my family means everything to me. For a ranga it takes a lot to get under my skin - I don’t have the normal short fuse of getting angry and most of the time I am light-hearted and very sensitive. I also suffer from Gingerphobia, which makes life very hard for me!!