IDSS offers both one-to-one support as well as a number of group activities that aim to develop people’s skills in managing mental illness and/or increase community participation.


Participants are supported through a recovery focused and strengths based approach that recognizes recovery as a personal journey driven by the participant. Our mentors provide practical assistance to people with severe mental illness to help them achieve their personal goals, develop better relationships with family and friends, and manage their everyday tasks.


One-to-one and ongoing support ensures the individual needs of our participants can be addressed. Participants are assisted to access services and to participate economically and socially in the community, increasing their opportunities for recovery.

IDSS’s Mental Health Support Service encompasses social support and domestic assistance programs that provide practical assistance that enhances individuals’ daily lives. The program supports people to set goals and to manage the routines of daily life and to access the community for appointments and recreational activities.

Our team of mentors offer flexible, inclusive and creative supports that respond to the needs of people experiencing functional disabilities and mental health challenges.

Physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs of individuals and their families are considered to ensure all needs are met.

Cultural and Religious


Your cultural and religious choices are respected by all at IDSS and you will be supported to participate in any events relevant to you. As a non-denominational organization, diversity is embraced and we are respectful of and committed to accommodating your beliefs and cultural values.

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